Cool Projects I made

13 Nov 2017

The Micro NES

Submitted by themaker

This is a pretty fun project. I seen these new chips called the esp32 came out and they are basically IOT system on a chip wifi bluetooth etc... at a very low cost. They are the successor to the esp8266, a very popular wifi chip. The difference being these new chips have a dual core processor, more memory, and a pretty nice clock speed. All in a tiny footprint. I thought wow, these are pretty great, I wonder what cool stuff can be made with them.

06 Sep 2017

Custom Gummies and 3D printing

Submitted by themaker

We had a big open house party at work for our new office opening. I wanted to do something fun and special for it. I had this idea what if we were to make our own gummies. Everyone loves some gummies right?

I thought well we probably can get away with just designing a mold and then printing a few of them and just pouring the gummies into the printed mold and it will be all good...