3D printing adhesion and warping

15 Nov 2017
Submitted by themaker

I've been playing with 3d printing for nearly 4 years now. It's been pretty awesome. I love the ability to design something and then make it real. But one thing that has plagued me thru a lot of this time is adhesion issues. Or the print warping as the corners come unstuck from the bed and it starts to curl up.

Nothing worse than the print getting really messed up because it isn't flat anymore. And it bows a ton. This would make me so crazy. I had the temp set right, 55-60C on the bed. I tried kaptom tape, painters tape. and then PEI. Added glue and hair spray to the bed. Always issues. 

But then I got a laser temperature gun... I cranked up the heat to the normal temp 60C and took a look at what it was actually. 80+! The temp was off by about 20C! I then lowered my temp in the software to about 40C and tried again, this time I'm getting a pretty decent 60C where I wanted it. Now I'm not sure why its off by this much I'm using the termistor provided from the board manufacture so that should be set right. And its mounted under the bed where they said to do so. But It is now working pretty great so I'm quite happy. If you find an issue like this happeing be sure to check the real temp not just the one reported. You might find that its off like I did.