Hi, I like to make cool stuff. At this site I will be showcasing the cool projects I'm working on, completed, or have for sale. As well as some helpful information for those looking to follow suit and build any of this cool stuff.

31 Dec 2014

Zues Box

Submitted by themaker

The 80s and 90s seen some of the greatest video games systems ever made. And having grown up through that time and not being able to afford one of these systems, I missed out on some great games. Now these days there are amazing programs out there that let you emulate these old systems and play these incredible games. Also there are some hardware devices that let you convert the original controllers to usb for use with these emulators. Now its cool that you could have your computer setup and play these wonders. But that doesnt feel the same to me.

30 Nov 2014

The ToadCade Arcade Machine

Submitted by themaker

I love arcade cabinets. There is something about this towering device made of pressed wood and wires. Having grown up in the 80s going to the arcade was a huge point of excitement. I still really enjoy playing arcade cabinets. So when we were looking for fun things to add to our office I suggested the arcade machine. The people I worked for generously agreed that we should have a cabinet. I started to research what it would take to do so. I didn't want to just purchase a pre build mame X games in one machine.

28 Oct 2014

Toad Keychains

Submitted by themaker

I had just got my 3d printer. And was starting to learn about how to make things with this modern marvel. Why not make a company logo keychain for the guys I worked for. They loved them and asked me to make one for everyone. We were about to move to a new office and it would be a cool gift to give everyone of these with the new office fob attached to it. I think they turned out pretty good.

Later on I made more with a nfc sticker inside them. These were for use with the foosball table upgrade I did. 

07 Jul 2014

Rentron PI

Submitted by themaker

I found a broken retron game system at a goodwill. This seemed like a great case for use in building out a retro pi console. 

I wanted a console with the original game controllers could be plugged in. This is achieved via using the usb adapters for the console controllers. 

Inside the case I mounted a raspberry pi, a usb hub, and then the control boards for the usb adapters.