Hi, I like to make cool stuff. At this site I will be showcasing the cool projects I'm working on, completed, or have for sale. As well as some helpful information for those looking to follow suit and build any of this cool stuff.

06 Sep 2017

Custom Gummies and 3D printing

Submitted by themaker

We had a big open house party at work for our new office opening. I wanted to do something fun and special for it. I had this idea what if we were to make our own gummies. Everyone loves some gummies right?

I thought well we probably can get away with just designing a mold and then printing a few of them and just pouring the gummies into the printed mold and it will be all good... 

13 Jun 2017

Smaller Pi Zero RetroPie

Submitted by themaker

The raspberry pi zero is a pretty small device and amazingly capable for emulating gaming systems. I wanted to try and build a small but playable game handheld. 

This is running the wonderful RetroPie system https://retropie.org.uk/

Here I took a 1.44in 128x128 screen. Wired that to the pi zero over spi. 

The controls are wried in over gpio, using small tact switches. 

I threw on a 1200mah battery. This should give it a pretty nice battery life. 

10 Jun 2017

Pico8 Handheld

Submitted by themaker

Pico 8 is this really cool fantasy gaming console. https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php

It has games that come on rom carts, it has its own neat little boot screen and old 8 bit feel. The games themself are really quite good and a lot of fun. And the native resolution is only 128x128. This all sounded perfect to me to build out a tiny game handheld based on. Since the screen resolution is the same as the 1.44in tft lcd screens I have I figured these would be perfect for this build.

27 Apr 2017

Commodore 64 Handheld

Submitted by themaker

Oh the Commodore 64, this was the machine of my youth. The thing I learned to program on. And had so many years of great times with. It is such a fun system with a wealth of games made for it. Always dreamed of having a portable version of this iconic system. Over the years dreamed of ways to build such a device. And now it is possible 

19 Apr 2017

ESP8266 Arduboys

Submitted by themaker

Have you seen the ArduBoy? This thing is really cool! A thin tiny game system. Based on Arduino and programmed via the Arduino IDE. There are quite a few games developed for it. And a lot of them are really great fun. The software running these is open source and easily modified. Given that I want to build my own stuff I decided to take a stab at getting the system to run on the arduino compatible esp8266. 

05 Jan 2017

A Large PI Zero RetroPIe

Submitted by themaker

This is a project I played around with for a long time. With the release of the PI zero I wanted to build a handheld based on it. At the time I was thinking I should just use the stuff I had on hand and figure out a cheap easy way to build out this console. Well that didn't quite turn out to be true. This was not an easy build at all. 

27 Dec 2016

Rock Tumbler

Submitted by themaker

I love to go to the beach and find little beautiful stones known as agates. They are pretty awesome. I'm always amazed by the fact that you can find them among the other beach rocks that wash up. These little gems are going to be the objects of future neat little projects. But when you find them they are pretty dull and tarnished after they dry. The trick is to polish them up. But to do this I needed a rock tumbler. And being as I am, I didn't want to buy one, they are expensive anyways... So looked around online for ideas how to build one.

19 Apr 2015

Rice Cooker Sous Vide

Submitted by themaker

Mmmmm some amazing cooked meats... I love cooking and food. and Cooking food. I learned of this cooking technique known and sous vide. This involves placing food in a vacuum bag and floating in hot water set to the exact temperature you want it to cook to. Resulting in perfectly cooked product every time. It's a pretty amazing technique but requires a system for tracking the temperature of the water and adjusting it as needed to keep it there.